Enhancement of Mental Health

Topics: Anxiety, Stress, Acute stress reaction Pages: 7 (2290 words) Published: May 11, 2013

One’s mental health can be improved and enhanced in different ways. Basically the root cause of the mental health, viz., the stress shall be addressed properly and taken care of.


Stress is a conscious or unconscious psychological feeling or physical situation which comes after as a result of physical or/and mental positive or negative pressure to overwhelm adaptive capacities. Stress is a psychological process initiated by events that threaten, harm or challenges an organism or that exceed available coping recourses and it is characterized by psychological responses that are directed towards adaptation. Stress is wear and tear on the body in response to stressful agents. Hans Selye called such agents stressors and said they could be physical, physiological, psychological or socio cultural. And stress is not an anxiety disorder and it is not a normative concept. Stress is not a disease in itself; however, many try to make it into one. Stress Related Diseases is what can follow long term exposure to stress in your life. The related diseases are the final consequence of a life filled with large amounts of stress. If one has stress; one doesn’t get sick! It doesn't work that way fortunately. First it is important to realize, that stress is not black and white. The answers to what stress is, or how stressed you are, or how you can relieve stress - all depend on you. Stress does not come in fixed amounts; it flows up and down depending on different factors, and so stress is more a case of high and low than yes and no.

Second, stress is a natural response that we all benefit from. The stress response that is triggered in you, when you are exposed to, say, danger makes you react quicker and may save your life. The same processes that made our ancestors run from the lions are still present in us today. One of the big problems with the stress or fight-or-flight response is that it drains the body, making us tired. As an example, if one tried to jump for one’s life in traffic one gets you tired/ exhausted afterwards? How about an interview or exam? Now imagine if one goes through that same day over and over. Then you are exposed to stress all of the time, and the effects can be severe.

Stress is a complex thing and what stresses one out might not affect others at all. Nowadays one hears everywhere that stress is huge problem, but it seems that no one can actually see "the truth" when it comes to the stress related diseases. This is because it is so difficult to pinpoint so called cause-effect relationships when it comes to stress. It is basically accepted, that stress causes cardiovascular diseases (such as coronary heart disease) but the patient could have a "bad heart" also to start with. There are definitely some illnesses that are associated with stress. But again, it is after the long term stress they happen. If one is just feeling "very busy" in a week or some days, one has nothing to worry about.

The long term stress creates a deprived state (a state of low resources) in your body, which leads to for example lower immune system, heart stress, worsening of chronic diseases and several physical, mental and behavior effects. It is the constant over-production of cortisol and adrenalin and other stress hormones that drains your body and can eventually lead to a total breakdown.

Among the many stress-related disorders the main ones are Neuroses – mental imbalance caused by prolonged psycho-emotional experience, mental and physical strain, lack of rest or sleep, long-lasting internal struggling inhibited feelings of grief, anger or suffering. Some somatic diseases may also cause neurosis as well. Neurosis may appear due to having a lack of options to resolve a serious problem. It could happen when a person tries to resolve a problem, but is unable to do it. This leads to increased sensitivity or irritability to the problem making...
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