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Engro Vopak maintains safety and quality as per international standards of OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, 14001, CDI-T (THA) and ISPS. With successful commissioning of Pakistan’s first cryogenic import facility for Ethylene, Engro Vopak has achieved yet another landmark in the terminal industry of Pakistan. Engro Foods’ History

Engro Foods (Pvt.) Limited (EFL) has been established in 2005

The plant located at Sukkur on 23 acre land, has the raw milk reception capability of 300,000 liters per day and UHT milk capacity of 200,000 liters per day

The plant has been established at a cost of Rs. 1 billion which provides direct employment to 750 people Vision

"Our vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company.” Core Values

1. Leadership
2. Innovation
3. Diversity and International focus
4. Quality and continuous Improvement
5. Candid and open communications
6. Individual growth and development
7. Enthusiastic pursuit of profit
8. Ethics and integrity
9. Safety, Health and Environment

2. Finance and Accounts
3. Human Resource
4. Marketing
5. Milk Procurement
6. MIS
7. Production
8. Quality Assurance
9. Supply and Distribution
Demographic segmentation

Olper’s products are not bounded to any particular age, gender or lifecycle stage, the brand is meant for all the users in higher upper or middle class families. Psychographic segmentation

On the basis of psychographics, factors such as personality traits, lifecycles and values the marketers at olper’s have segmented the market. Behavioral segmentation

Products have been segmented on the basis of benefits that consumers seek in the milk. Positioning the brand

Olper’s positioned the brand by taking a number of following steps:

Packaging of olper’s milk and olwell in red color and Olper’s cream in purple color . •By selling proposition for olper’s is: “jo dil khol kay jeetay hain unheen k lye ha olper’s. Strengths

1. Engro’s Back
Olper’s is a brand of ENGRO foods.
ENGRO foods can easily afford research and development.
ENGRO can distribute the brand through better channel

2. PR with farmers
ENGRO has a strong bond and long term relationship with the farmers who are willing to supply milk to the company. 3. Positive response from customers
In first year, EFL crossed 1.4 billion sales figure which shows customers’ satisfaction upon EFL’s products. 4. Its taste, quality proposition and world-class quality proposition system.

4. Strong consumer & product research
AC Nielsen,
JWT Asiatic and
MARS marketing and advertising agencies.
5. Third-Generation Plant

third-generation UHT milk plant in the country.
Bactofuge technology
plant in Central Punjab (Sahiwal) with an investment of Rs. 2 billion (US $ 33 million). Weaknesses

1. Olwell TVC
Olwell ad which is based on Western life style.
Failed to analyze in Pakistan, where practicing Muslims reside, Ignoring the ethics, religious beliefs and cultural values.

2. Owning Red Color .
There is no color association attached to Olper’s.
3. Milk collection & distribution costs
EFL’s 34 out of 40 milk-collection centers are located in Punjab, 1Sukkhur (Sindh).
It increases in collection & distribution costs.
increases the chances of milk getting spoiled because of increased travelling time.

4. Narrow brand portfolio
EFL’s brand portfolio still consists of just 3 products i.e. Olper’s Milk, Olwell Milk and Olper’s Cream. Opportunities
1. Increased funding by Government
Government has decided to increase farmers’ funding.

2. Increased consumption of PLM
Each competitor in the milk industry wants to increase penetration of processed liquid milk. 3. Awareness
Growing dissatisfaction with loose milk and increasing awareness about health and hygiene issues have led to increased processed milk consumption.

4. Third largest...
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