English Year 11

Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Print Text: Paramore Biography (Autobiography, Website):
Journey is a state of change, whether it is an imaginative, inner journey, or a journey that is physical, which involves the moment from one destination to another. It forms the step to self change, and is achieved through acceptance and understanding, or through a physical movement to another place or area. To convey the representation of journey, composers often utilise symbolism and characterisation. This biography on the band, Paramore, reveals the concept of journeys as being long and arduous, and requires such inner strength to continue. This biography on Paramore reveals the journey Paramore had undertaken a massive journey, both physical and inner, ever since its formation in 2004, to the present stage. In this period of time, they have had three band members depart, with others replacing them, three full released albums, one of which selling over two million copies which has reached platinum, nomination for Golden Globe, and several other awards. However, through their current success, they have had their fair share of struggles along their journey. During the making of their 3rd album, they suffered issues among themselves, which almost made the band fall apart. They however overcame this struggle, and made the 3rd album, which has reached number 1 on several music charts. This biography reveals that journeys, even with the prospect of success in front of them, can become hard and tough, with struggles becoming a constant. It has conveyed an understanding of journeys, via the steps and struggles Paramore has taken to get to where they are today. It not only shows the inner struggles that the band has undertaken during their 3rd album, but also a physical journey. At the mere age of 13, 15, and 17, the band members started writing music and officially became the band in 2004. Since then, they have grown and matured as a band, having gone through the teen years and are now young adults, which has...
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