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Read the story.

Write yes or no.
1. Hare hid in Caterpillar’s house. 2. Caterpillar had a big voice. 3. Frog was too scared to help. 4. Caterpillar said he was an elephant eater. 5. Caterpillar ran away.

no yes no yes yes


Write the correct word.
voice elephant house animal eater . . than Caterpillar. .

1. Caterpillar was a tiny


2. Caterpillar said he was an elephant eater

Caterpillar’s Voice
(a traditional story of the Maasai people from East Africa) One day, Caterpillar hid in Hare’s house. When Hare came home, he called, “Who’s there?” “I’m an elephant eater!” said Caterpillar in a big voice. Hare was scared. He asked his friends Jackal, Rhino and Elephant to help, but they were all too frightened. Then a little frog came along. “I’ll help you, Hare,” he said. “Who’s there?” he shouted. Caterpillar yelled, “I’m an elephant eater!” Frog shouted, in an even bigger voice, “Good! I eat elephant eaters!” “Oh, help!” said Caterpillar and ran away. Hare and Frog saw him and laughed. Why had everyone been...
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