English Why Early Childhood Development Is Important

Topics: Early childhood education, Grammar, Punctuation Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 24, 2012
Topic: Education (improving inner-city schools; alternative/charter schools; effect of technology on education; importance of early childhood education; improving curriculum/learning; class size/teacher-student ratio; teacher recruitment; improving student achievement/graduation rates; rural school issues; legalizing state lottery to fund public education; gender, race or ethnic issues in education)

Narrowed issue/problem: The issue/problem with today’s early childhood education is that most head starts and or preschools don’t really start the process or help parents to get the child/ children ready for kindergarten. They mainly play, color and dance around in head start/preschool. Thesis statement: What head start and preschools should be doing to help parents prepare children for kindergarten and their future in school? Outline with three or more supporting arguments: They should have outlined curriculum to send home to the parents and actually follow it. They should start them with the basics (learning and recognizing the alphabet and numbers). Helping the child/children to know how to recognize his or her name and possibly even writing it. Perfect example is my son was in head start for the recommended two years before starting kindergarten, but due to the fact the teachers at his head start not doing what needed to be done he is unable to go on to first grade. I was only able to do so much myself with preparing him for kindergarten. My son did not know the basics going into kindergarten; he is having problems recognizing all the letters of the alphabet capital and lower case. I believe that sense it is mandatory for a child to have two years of head start/preschool, then the head start/preschool should help with the process of getting the child/children to start kindergarten.

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