English Vocabulary in Use Chapter 21/58

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Chapter 21| |
Rewarding| Gives you a lot of positive experiences|
Fruitful| Produces good results|
Lucrative| Makes a lot of money|
Therapeutic| Makes you healthy in body and/or mind|
Relaxing/calming| Reduces stress, gives a peaceful feeling| Time-consuming| Takes a long time to do|
Culture vulture| Big fan of anything cultural|
Couch potato| Physically very inactive person|
Dabbler| Person who never keeps doing one activity for long| Doer| Person who believes in acting and doing things, not just thinking| Shopaholic| Person addicted to shopping: compare alcoholic: addicted to alcohol| Is… into| Informal: takes a great interest in/is very involved in| Went off| Informal: stopped liking/lost interest|

Locks herself away| Isolates herself from the world|
Hooked on| Informal: is addicted to|
Get up to| Informal: do|
Full diary| A lot of commitments/activities|
Chapter 22| |
Scruff| Dirty and untidy person|
Pastel| In pale colours|
Power outfits| Formal clothes to make you seem powerful|
Frumpy| Old-fashioned and boring|
Outfit| Set of clothes for a particular occasion|
Dress codes| Accepted way of dressing in a particular social group| Dress down| Wear less formal clothes|
Smart-casual| Clothes that are informal, but clean, tidy and stylish| Dressy| Suitable for formal occasions|
Skimpy| Close-fitting, using little material|
Baggy| Loose eg. Of sweater|
Snazzy| Modern, stylish|
To be dressed to kill| Wear clothes to attract people’s sexual attention| Designer (label) clothes| Expensive clothes|
Off the peg/rack| Cheap clothes|
On the high street| Cheap clothes|
Off the cuff| Without having prepared anything|
To be hand in glove with someone| To have a close working relationship with someone| Cloak-and-dagger| Involving secrecy and mystery|
To have/take the shirt of someone’s back| Someone’s last possession| On a shoestring| Spending as little as possible|
Without frills| Simple and plain|
To put someone in a straitjacket | Restrict someone’s freedom| To wear the trousers| To be the dominant partner in a marriage| Chapter 23| |
Squat | An empty building where people start living without owner’s permission| Hovel| Very poor, dirty house or flat in bad condition|
Pied à terre| Small flat/house in a city owned/rented by people in addition to their main house and used when visiting the city| Penthouse| Luxury flat at the top of a building|
Council housing| Provided by state for people who cannot afford own home| High-rise flats| Flats in tall modern building with a lot of floors| Granny flat| Set of rooms for an elderly person, connected to relatives house| The rat race| Unpleasant way in which people struggle competitively for wealth and power| Fengshui| A Chinese philosophy position of buildings and arrangements of objects in their home affect health and well-being people.| Minimalism| A style involving using the smallest possible range of materials, colours etc. only the most simple shapes/designs| Post-modernism| A style of architecture. The arts etc. popular 1980’s – 1990’s| New age| A way of life and thinking developed late 1980’s, includes wide range of beliefs and activities not accepted by most people| Subsistence farming| Where people live by growing just enough food for their own family| A household word/name| Something everyone knows|

A drink on the house| A free drink|
Home truths| Information that is true but not pleasant or welcome| Nothing to write home about| Nothing special|
Hit home| Become fully understood or fully felt|
That’s the story of my life| That’s what always happens to me| Have the time of your life| Have a wonderful time|
Get a new lease of life| Become more energetic and active than before| A dog’s life| A very unhappy and difficult life|
Chapter 24| |...
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