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High Frequency Words
Their meanings and correct usage in sentence Abolish verb abolish something to officially end a law, a system or an institution This tax should be abolished. Abrupt ADJECTIVE 1 sudden and unexpected, often in an unpleasant way an abrupt change/halt/departure The accident brought his career to an abrupt end. 2 speaking or acting in a way that seems unfriendly and rude; not taking time to say more than is necessary abrupt manner She was very abrupt with me in our meeting. Abruptly: ADVERB The interview ended abruptly. Absolute adjective 1 total and complete a class for absolute beginners absolute confidence/trust/silence/truth ‘You're wrong,’ she said with absolute certainty. Around them the darkness was absolute, the silence oppressive. 2 [only before noun] used, especially in spoken English, to give emphasis to what you are saying There's absolute rubbish on television tonight. He must earn an absolute fortune. 110 MB is the absolute minimum you need to run the program. What an absolute idiot I've been ! 3 definite and without any doubt or confusion There was no absolute proof. He taught us that the laws of physics were absolute. The divorce became absolute last week. 4 not limited or restricted absolute power/authority an absolute ruler/monarchy (= one with no limit to their power) 5 existing or measured independently and not in relation to something else Although prices are falling in absolute terms, energy is still expensive. Beauty cannot be measured by any absolute standard. Absolutely ADVERB 1 used to emphasize that something is completely true You're absolutely right. He made it absolutely clear. I'm not absolutely certain I posted it. It was absolutely pouring with rain. 2 absolutely no…, absolutely nothing used to emphasize something negative She did absolutely no work. There's absolutely nothing more the doctors can do. 3 used with adjectives or verbs that express strong feelings or extreme qualities to mean ‘extremely’ I was absolutely furious with him. She absolutely adores you. He's an absolutely brilliant cook. 4 used to emphasize that you agree with somebody, or to give somebody permission to do something‘ They could have told us, couldn't they?’ ‘Absolutely!

’‘Can we leave a little early?’ ‘Absolutely!’ 5 absolutely not used to emphasize that you strongly disagree with somebody, or to refuse permission ‘Was it any good?’ ‘No, absolutely not.’ Absolution NOUN (especially in the Christian Church) a formal statement that a person is forgiven for what he or she has done wrong Absolutism noun 1 a political system in which a ruler or government has total power at all times 2 belief in a political, religious or moral principle which is thought to be true in all circumstances Abstain verb 1 abstain (from something) to choose not to use a vote, either in favour of or against something Ten people voted in favour, five against and two abstained. 2 abstain (from something) to decide not to do or have something, especially something you like or enjoy, because it is bad for your health or considered morally wrong to abstain from alcohol/sex/drugs 3 abstain (from something) (Indian English) to stay away from something The workers who abstained from work yesterday have been suspended. Abuse noun 1 the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful Synonym SYNONYM: misuse alcohol/drug/solvent abuse The system of paying cash bonuses is open to abuse (= might be used in the wrong way). abuse of something He was arrested on charges of corruption and abuse of power. What she did was an abuse of her position as manager. 2 unfair, cruel or violent treatment of somebody child abuse sexual abuse reported abuses by the secret police She suffered years of physical abuse. 3 [uncountable] rude and offensive remarks, usually made when somebody is very angry Synonym SYNONYM: insults to scream/hurl/shout abuse a stream/torrent of...
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