English: Universal Language

Topics: English language, Second language, Lingua franca Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: July 15, 2012
English is the language we use to communicate. It originated in England, and is in the germanic family of languages, although many of our words in modern English are borrowed from greek and latin.

The English language is used as a kind of "universal language" now in many countries, so it is very important to learn to speak it properly if you want to communicate with others.

Nowadays everyone knows the importance of English language in today's world, importance of English language in our society and importance of English in daily life. The important of English language in non spoken countries as well importance of English language in Pakistan increases day by day. As we know importance of English in communication is become very important day by day. As the second language we could never ask for questions why even the kids are already learned with the English language. Since elementary to college, most of the universities worldwide includes English as one of their major subject clearly shows the importance of English language literature. English language has been widely used and considered as the universal language. English is very powerful that it has been used when negotiating with very prominent personalities. With regards to worldwide meeting, the language of English is officially the language being spoken. Now English language used as the second language Worldwide commonly considered as the universal language. Since the English Language has been appointed as the universal language, a number of people nowadays had been rushed to some English schools, English Language Institute or English Language centers to learn the latter language; most are those who have been studied from their school where English subject was not included. Even some of the elite personalities chose to learn an English language because some of them planning to venture businesses in other countries, and the English language could be their gear as well as tool when flocking abroad for...
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