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Topics: Human, U2, Song Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: February 7, 2011
U2 are the social justice voicers of our society who provide song as their communication to unleash their meaning full messages and personal thoughts behind their clever lyrics. When the band formed in Dublin who knew they were going to be such a significant influence on not only my personal ways of seeing things but the entire human race. 5000 fans didn’t run to gather at the rooftop building of the BBC studio just to hear them sing; they gathered there to hear what topic would have been brought up next. U2 had such a strong voice on events that shaped not only fans, but general public’s minds about what was happening in this world and the different perspectives. This Irish band has not only made their fans stop and think about real world issues but everyone else including me.

Every time you hear U2’s songs, you can be assured that it have some deeper meaning; weather it be from Social and political commentary, or embellished with Christian and spiritual imagery. These major aspects of U2’s lyrical contents have created the reputation and what they stand for today. Songs such as "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Silver and Gold", and "Mothers of the Disappeared" were motivated by current events of the time. These songs were written about the troubles in Northern Ireland while the latter concerns the struggle of COMADRES—the Mothers of the Disappeared—a group of women whose children were killed or "disappeared" by the government during the Salvadoran Civil War. Bono is a genius at writing ambiguous lyrics, allowing listeners to decide what each song means to them. The lyrics of U2’s songs make me believe that there is so much going on in the world that half of us don’t know about and U2 are trying to voice out to us, like a message.

As U2’s time went on Bono (lead singer) added personal events into the lyrics of their songs such as "Tomorrow," from October, Bono was truly speaking from the heart. When he was 14, his mother suffered a brain hemorrhage at her father's...
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