English the Language of the Business and Globalization

Topics: Second language, Lingua franca, English language Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: March 14, 2013

In the early history the British had colonies all over the world. The native of these colonies learned English for their benefit. As English was the language of the rulers the natives learned English eagerly. That is how English become a universal language. Now most of these colonies are free. Yet the English language continues to be used there. Sri Lanka is one of them. Even now if one knows English he or she can travel to any part of the world without much difficulty. There are other important reasons why we should learn English. All the best books on Science, medicine, technology, religion and laws are all written in English. The words in the English language are short and convey the meaningfully. Another reason is that the English language has been developing to suit the changing needs of the time. This is also an official language of the United Nations and International Olympic committee and many other organizations. English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million and as a second language by around 375 million speakers. Around 750 million people are believed to speak English as a foreign language. Where ever you go around the world you can find English signs and advertisements. When you enter a restaurant, hotel or a shop they can understand the English. They have written their menus in English. If English not your mother tongue you will immediately learn English, because you know that it is connect the whole world and it is easy to put you in touch with more people. English is now already a global language and it is widespread all over the world. Log on to the internet most of the sites are in English. If English is not your mother tongue you immediately, because you know that it will connect the whole world. And you can communicate with people easily. To become a global language it has to be speaking many numbers of people if all over the world. And it will be easy to learn. So the...
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