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Topics: British Empire, Gun Control, Weapon Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Task 1.
Write two or three paragraphs in which you point out how the texts differ in terms of purpose, genre and target audience. Using examples from the three texts, show how these differences are reflected in the language used.

The terms of purpose in these texts aren’t very different at all. As we can see, all of the texts are about the same subject, the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The difference in the texts are the way they’re telling the story, they’re all using their own way to reach the reader. The main purpose of the text are equal in all of the stories, to tell the reader about the battle, but the way they tell it is different. For example extract A and C, believes that it’s important to add the fact that King Harold got shot in the eye, while extract B doesn’t even mention any arrow in anyone’s eye.

The genre in these texts are all different.
Extract A starts in middle of the action, talking like he’s standing beside the happening and looking at the action. Extract B is abusing a readers imagination, it’s like he forces us, in a good way, to use our imagination to picture the setting. We’re looking at the war from a god’s point of view. Extract C, is simply a song. It tells us about the war like they did in the old times, when they didn’t have anything except books to store the stories about the happenings, so they made great songs about it.

The target audience in these texts are different in every one of them. Extract A, is aiming for the youths, the writer starts in media stress, and catches the reader’s attention at once. Already in the second sentence the subject is about warfare, the key word here is “attack”. In Extract B, the writer aims for more grown or adult people, the writer starts of with a question, involving our imagination. They’re looking for curious people, the ones who asks for more, the ones who’s dying for knowledge and information, by starting of with a question they already got the reader hooked. In Extract C,...
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