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Haley Shiller
28 January 2013 Summary paper The article “Don’t Mourn Brown V. Board of Education” by Juan Williams discusses that it is now time for something greater in effect than what the Brown V. Board of Education can offer us today. Brown V. Board had a huge part in civil rights movement and got Americans to think about inequality in society and in education. Assimilating students does not insure that students that are black or Hispanics will not drop out high school nor does it guarantee the narrowing of performance levels. In fact schools have become more segregated while the nation has become more diverse. Schools continued to fail even with Brown V. Board of Education was enforced. The parents began to become dissatisfied with their children being pulled out of neighborhood schools and instead being bussed to different schools further away. The Supreme Court realized that using school children to address segregation in school was not going to fix segregation in society. Busing students began to be replaced with magnet school and charter schools and eventually the Supreme Court began to believe that the fourteenth amendment was better served by treating children as individuals rather than as tools to enforce segregation. Had Brown v. Board of Education failed to ensure that all students received an equal education under the fourteenth amendment? This is the question asked by Juan Williams of justice Thurghood Marshall. Justice Marshall explained that his intent had been to force segregationist school board members to spend the same amount of money on poorer schools in poor neighborhoods as they spent on white schools in more affluent neighborhoods. He also reasoned that if white children shared the same schools, they would more than likely fund the schools more evenly. Today the prevailing sentiment is that...
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