English Speech on Identity on the Matrix

Topics: Morpheus, The Matrix, Agent Smith Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Identity. What is identity? According to the Australian Oxford Dictionary, Identity is who or what a person is. Our understanding of “who we are” adapts to the shifting influence on our 'identity'. Our identity is forever changing through the influences we experience in life. Often individuals struggle to define their identity. This is strongly displayed within the film distributed by Warner brothers pictures, The Matrix and the poem composed by W.H Auden, Funeral Blues through the use of techniques.

The Matrix consists of a man named 'Thomas Anderson' but also goes by the name Neo. The movie is based on his journey of seeking his true self. One night he awakens to his computer screen saying “Follow the white rabbit”. Initiating his journey he pursuits the “White Rabbit” tattoo which is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland. It leads him to Trinity which unravels the whole situation he's involved in. The conversation was the trigger to all the following events to occur as it influenced him to take action. It relation to identity and shifting influences, this portrays that the influence of others can provoke actions to be performed which builds onto our forever changing identity.

Further down the journey of seeking Thomas Anderson's true identity, he faces more challenges as he was offered the decision of consuming the red or blue pill. The red pill answers his curiousity of what the matrix is where as the blue pill enables his life to carry on as it is. He obviously consumes the red pill as he desperately seeks the truth of the world of the matrix. The use of symbolism adds a deeper definition to the colour of the pills. Red symbolises danger and risk as consuming it is like gambling your life, where as blue relates to just the normal ordinary life. These pills influenced Neo to take action in his life and without the consumption of the red pill, his identity would've remained the same.

As Neo is supposedly saved from the Matrix, he is transferred into...
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