English Speech - Into the World

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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GM/GA teachers and fellow students. Moving into the world involves choices. The experience it brings forth can challenge individuals, attitudes and beliefs. Through the film "Billy Elliot" by Stephen Daldry, the theme explores the concept of moving into the world and the role choice has in this. Another text that portrays "Moving into the World" is the poem "Father & Child" by Gwen Harwood. Both texts demonstrate and convey the message that choices individuals make are important in order to move into the world. The film Billy Elliot is set in Everington, Durham, which is a mining town that struggles to survive in its oppressive environment. The film depicts a young boy named "Billy Elliot" who challenges his father’s authority and goes against social expectations by aspiring to become a ballet dancer. However, his family strongly disagrees to this idea and Billy is faced to choose between his dreams of becoming a professional dancer, or to dedicate himself to his family’s responsibilities. His brother Tony chose to conform to society's expectations and becomes a miner just like his father. Alongside the recent loss of their mother, Billy and his brother Tony both live in a violent, underprivileged life but the way they deal with various situations differ strongly. Tony expresses anger through aggressive behaviour which is demonstrated through his dialogue when Billy asks, "Do you ever think about death?" and Tony replies "Fuck off". In comparison, Daldry incorporates interpretive dance scenes throughout the film to show that Billy expresses his frustrations through his love of dance. In the beginning of the film, it is made evident that Jackie's attitude is representative of the attitudes of the wider community. This is shown when he says "Lads do football or boxing or wrestling. Not bloody ballet". One of the most powerful scenes of the film is when we see that Billy's father Jackie; changes his mind about Billy's future as a ballet dancer, as he says to...
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