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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Good morning fellow listeners,
I am Toni Turrell from the Facebook forum. Today i am here to talk to you about how the global village has affected everyone even small secluded Aussies like the Kerrigan’s in the movie “The Castle” by Rob Stitch. Whether the global village has a positive or negative impact on the individuals of this world is yet to be proven. Well can people now days live one day without facebook, msn, mobile phones, telephones, computers and other technology? With technology now days we can be anywhere at any time in a click of a finger or a touch of a button. Is this the only definition of a global village? How would you define it? The global village is an idea to describe a world connected through the advances in communication technology. Is this statement entirely true and how people relate through that medium. Although it also is the product of a globalisation process that is characterised by a free-market economy. If we look at the texts that develop and analyse some of the impacts of the Global Village and how these texts shape my understanding of this concept. As my first text i am going to talk about is the film “The Castle”, by Rob Stitch. The story line of the film is told as a narrative of how a family can live without power, money and modern technology. The Kerrigan’s show that they have live by morals and that the Barlow group live by power and couldn’t care less about the rest. The owner of the airport, air link wants to buy the Kerrigan family home amongst others in the way of the development. Darryl, his family and friends mount a high profile high court battle in a successful attempt to protect their homes, this battle highlights the Australian attitudes in relation to family and the family home. The concept of the family home as more then a building is reinforced by Wayne Kerrigan is longing to be back in the family home, the love within the family, the home and the Kerrigan’s...
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