English Specific Purposes

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Design of text activities/Exercises
Text is treatch of language that is organized in some way to foam a coherent whole ( worrow, 1977). in ESP matrial, for instance it is possible to find authentic text which have originally been produced for some purpose other than language teaching.

Text as a learning material cab be used for learning and practising wide range of skills. In ESP course it can be source for new vocabulary, communicative or reading skills.
According tu Huang and Xu (2005), to enable student to stimulate the real word of work, the following features must be paid enough attentional so as to design. 1. Each activity is made up of two or mor similar iterm, arranged to present a more demanding challenge as the activity progresess. 2. Activities are combined in a program focusing on the more basic skills, then, on the higher level ones. 3. Within a given activity, any particular type of experience is quickly repeated, so that familiarization can be followed by learning and consolidation. 4. Reflection on process is encouraged as a means of improving perfomance and ability. 5. The carier content must be specialty knowledge, for the progress is regarded as a means to an end, and the product in every activity must be immediately relevant and obviously useful. 6. The teaching methot is “inter-disciplinary” or content-skill compatibility being concerned with both skills training and the mastery of speaclty knowledge. 7. Authentic input should be adopted. Content-technical knowledge serves as a context which learnrs find appealing while the content should not override the teaching of communicative skills in that the ultimate goal is the skills rathr than the content, which should mainly be dealt with in subject courses.

Concerning the ESP activities, it is necessary to keep in mind the context that should be consistent with studying subject matter. They include: = Warming-up activities: pre-teaching and activation of...
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