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Talk a Lot
Spoken English Course by Matt Purland
A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English

Elementary Book 1
Complete 12-week spoken English course All materials, instructions and answers are included Brand new and unique learning method Learn and recall questions, answers and negatives using 8 common verb forms • Learn 400+ essential vocabulary words • 100% photocopiable • • • •


Talk a Lot
Spoken English Course

Elementary Book 1

This book is dedicated to Anna and Julia, with love and thanks xx

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ISBN-13: 978-0955701511

English Banana.com Copying Licence: You may freely print, copy and distribute this book, subject to our Copying Licence (visit our website at www.englishbanana.com for full details)

First published in the UK by English Banana.com 2008 © Copyright Matt Purland 2008

Talk a Lot
Welcome to a new kind of English course! Talk a Lot is a great new way to learn spoken English, and quite a departure from the standard ELT course book. Instead of spending hours reading and writing, students have the opportunity to engage in challenging and fun speaking and listening activities with their friends. On this course students learn how to think in English as well as Talk a Lot! The Talk a Lot course objectives are very simple: • • • • Every student talking in English Every student listening to and understanding English Every student thinking in English, and Every student taking part in class

Talk a Lot is structured so that every student can practise and improve English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, word and sentence stress, and interpersonal skills, by working in pairs, groups and one to one with the teacher. The main benefits of Talk a Lot are: • • • Students have to think in English during lessons in a controlled and focused way Students learn how to memorise correct English structures naturally, without abstract and unrelated grammar lessons Students learn how to construct eight different common verb forms, using positive, negative and question forms, as well as embedded grammar appropriate to their level. The verb forms studied are: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Modal Verbs, Future Forms, and First Conditional Students learn 400+ essential vocabulary words by heart Students enjoy following a simple and effective method that produces results quickly

• •

The ten lesson topics studied in Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1 are: Town, Food, Shopping, Health, Transport, Clothes, Work, Family, Home, and Free Time. Thanks to all of our students who have been trialling this course in recent months. Remember, teachers can download and print all the blank forms that are necessary for running an English course, such as blank registers and enrolment forms, individual learning plans, and initial assessments, all for free, from our website at www.englishbanana.com. We’d love to hear from you about how you have used this book and how your course went, so please feel free to contact us via our website feedback form or by emailing info@englishbanana.com. We’d also be really excited to hear about your ideas and proposals for new Talk a Lot topics and activities that we can use in future Talk a Lot books. With best wishes for a successful course, th Matt Purland, Ostróda, Poland (6 April 2008)

For more fun worksheets, games and quizzes log onto www.englishbanana.com now!

Talk a Lot Elementary Book 1 © English Banana.com


Talk a Lot
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How to Use this Course
How to Use this Course: Course Outline Lesson Outline Assessment Methods, Tests and Examination Sentence Blocks Discussion Questions Role Plays Discussion Words and Question Sheets

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