English Should Be Taught by Native English Speakers

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“English should only be taught by native English speakers” statement

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Albert Joseph Pérez Farro

February, 9th

Lots of people believe that native English speakers as teachers are the key to success in learning English. However, I don’t think this is a correct statement since there are facts that have proven that non-native English speakers have been just as successful. I firmly believe that both kinds of teachers are definitely able to teach the language effectively because of the reasons I will explain in the following lines. First of all, in order to be a “good” English teacher, there must be English proficiency. Without this, there wouldn’t be an appropriate learning process. The teacher should be able to provide the students with the necessary tools to grow as an English learner. Both native and non-native English speakers can reach proficiency by having the required studies, an appropriate methodology and always be eager to learn from experience. Another important requirement – especially for non-native speakers – is the need to be always in touch with the culture of English speaking countries. It is well known that this helps a lot specifically in the fluency part of the learning (formal and informal ways of speaking, slang, intonation, etc). Thanks to technology, internet and cable TV this can be easily achieved. Unfortunately not all people are born to teach. All the studies in the world not necessarily can assure a teacher will be good. I believe is important to emphasize that the teacher must have the vocation to teach, the desire to share the knowledge he/she possesses. When teachers love what they do, it can be easily felt and always a good and enjoyable environment helps in the learning process. In conclusion native and non-native English speakers are perfectly able to teach the language successfully if...
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