English Report Writing

Topics: European Union law, Paragraph, Pilcrow Pages: 9 (887 words) Published: December 9, 2012

1. List of Changes

Cover Page

• There is no name, student number, coach and date

• The title should be revised to fit the context of the report

Executive Summary

• There is none

Table of Contents

• It should not list “table of contents” itself

• Page numbers should start after the table of contents, not from the cover page

• “Bibliography” should be numbered


• The thesis statement is not clear

• It is better to divide the fist paragraph into to two separate paragraphs

(One is for the opening quotation; the other is for the case of KiK)


• The first paragraph is not relevant

• It should not use personal pronouns (“my” and “I”)

• The way how the research has been done should be mentioned

• Description of the sources used and the reason why these sources are used should be mentioned

• It is not necessary to mention the use of a dictionary

• Limitations on the scope and extent of the research should be mentioned

Main Body

• Wrong footnotes of every chapters

• A linking preview could be used at the beginning of each chapter to make the report smooth and corresponding

3.1 Company Description

The paragraphs is not in logical order

The Slogan should be translated

The history is too detailed, some information is not necessary

2. Recent Scandals

The first sentence is not relevant

It is not good to use a quote as a whole paragraph

4 EU Regulations

It shows no relationship with the previous case

It is better to put this chapter 4 before chapter 3 as criteria

5.1 Corporate Responsibility

The first sentence of this subchapter looks like a quote while there is no mark

Some statement should be added to make it relevant with the previous case

There are no consequences

5.2 Effective Communication

The third and fourth sentensces of this subchapter looks like a quote while there is no mark

It also shows no relationship with the previous case

There are no consequences

5.3 Theory of DR.CLARE W.GRAVES

It shows no relationship with the previous case again

Figure6 is not relevant

There are no consequences

It should illustrate how the theory is significant

5.4 Advices

It should be a separate chapter as recommendation

It could be divided into several sub chapters


• It is too general and it should be more specific

• A restatement of the objective should be included

• It shows no relationship with the case of KiK

• The sources should be more sufficient


• The references are not in appropriate form

• The date of reference and the date of sources created should be both listed

2. Corrected Outline

Thesis Statement:

The case of KiK is uesd to get an insight into the effects of EU’s human rights and employment policy.

Ⅰ Introduction

Ⅱ Methodology

Ⅲ Criteria of achieving the stability by EU regulations

A. Human Rights Policy

B. Employment Policy

Ⅳ Case of KiK Textilien & Non-Food GmbH

A. Company Description

1. History and Development

2. Current Situation

3. Customer Situation

4. Leadership Style

B. Recent Scandals

1. Minimize the German Employees Wages

2. Spying on Employees

3. Degrade Employment Relationships

Ⅴ Effects of EU regulation

A. Corporate Responsibility

B. Effective Communication

C. Theory of Dr. Clare W. Graves

Ⅵ Conclusion

Ⅶ Recommendation

3. Outline for the Case of IBS

Thesis Statement:

In order to solve IBS’s organisational...
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