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English Report ---drug abase
Solution: drug abase (family)

Parents how to help their child to stay away from drug?
Parents played a really important role of helping teenagers to stay away from drug. The reason is parents are really close to their child When their child faced some problems and they don’t know how to solve the problem, parents should do something for them to help them to solve the problem. So that important thing is build up a strong with their child. There are four effective way to help their child to stay away from drug.

1. Partake your feelings with your child
Sometimes when your child did some wrong things, you will get really angry or upset. But it’s so such a problem. You shouldn’t hurt their self-esteem when partake your feelings with team. You should teach them calmly and show you are really worried about them.

2. Tell your child you really love them
When your child grows, they will face more and more challenge. So that parents must spend more time to understand your child. Also they need to pay attention to their life and give some advice to help your child to solve the problem.

3. Teach your child how to make decisions
Parent must know that your child will grow up, your child need to learn how to make right decision. So that parents should provide enough parental guidance to their child and to help them to build up right values.

4. Teach them what is the influence of drugs abase
Teenager may not understand what is the influence of drug abase and in their life, they may have a lot of opportunity come into contact with drugs. Therefore parents need improve their child’s understanding of drugs and make sure they can say no to drugs.

http://www.nd.gov.hk/pdf/udap_e.pdf (Article)
How to steer the children away from drugs?

Try to maintain mutual communication with children and build up a good relationship with them. Children who are close to their parents and teachers tend to seek proper guidance...
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