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Practice Test Jane Eyre
Read the following extracts and answer the questions given below. 1.

1. Who is narrating the story?
2. Who is John? What relation is him to the speaker?
3. Why does the speaker habitually obedient to him?
4. What character of John is highlighted here? Explain.

1. Who is speaking here? Who suggested her to go to school? Why? Explain the incident. 2. Why did the speaker selected the choice to go to school? 3. Explain the meanings of the following words in the text. a. Extremely prim and precise.

b. Entire separation


1. Who are talking in this extract?
2. Explain the situation in which this dialogue occurs?
3. Why couldn’t Jane answer the question affirmative?
4. Why did Mrs. Reed want to interfere?

1. Describe the occasion in which this dialogue takes place. 2. Why did the lodge keeper’s wife ask about the Jane’s travel? 3. Do you think the lodge keeper’s wife’s view about Mrs. Reed is correct? Explain your answer. 4. Explain the meanings of the following words in the text. a. Cottage b. lodge.


1. Where was the speaker? Why was she looking around? Explain 2. Why did the girls stand up?
3. What is the speaker’s view about the lady? Who is she? 4. Explain the meanings of the following words in the text. a. Common impulse. b. for a moment

1. Where was the speaker?
2. What are the sufferings she undergoes? What sicknesses were brought by severe cold? 3. What are difficulties she faced by the harassment of the senior girls? Do you tolerate such treatment? Explain. Sarath Piyadigamage

English Trained.(sp). Diploma TESL (merit)
Certificate in teaching Literature.(N.I.E.)
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