English Puritans and Their Colonization in America

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Mary Nejatifar

Ms. Graff

English 11H

October 11, 2012

Colonization in America

Some of the first Europeans to explore and settle in the New World were the English Puritans. In the 17th century, a man called John Winthrop traveled to Massachusetts Bay along with many other Puritans. With troubles with the Church of England, this group of people wanted to launch new lives on a new continent. To support their desires, John Winthrop offered several reasons and arguments to support moving to New England. Winthrop used figurate language to express the views and wants of he and his fellow Puritans. One of his main reasons was that the group of people could, “carry the Gospel into those parts of the world, and to raise a Bulwark against the kingdom to Antichrist” (Winthrop, 309). He metaphorically explained that with the spread of their civilization their religion would strengthen their church and build a defense wall against anybody who disagreed with a Puritan lifestyle. John Winthrop then reasoned that, “This Land grows weary of her Inhabitants,” which tells his views on humans and their relationship with the Earth (Winthrop, 309). He tried to explain that Europe was getting way too overcrowded, and needed to be reduced. Winthrop final attempt in his document is to use hyperboles to exaggerate the need to move. He says that, “…all arts and trades are carried in that deceitful and unrighteous course, as it is almost impossible for a good and upright man to maintain his charge and live comfortable in any of them,” (Winthrop, 309). Here, he really stressed the word impossible to hopefully open up people’s mind to the idea of a new life. The most embellished reason Winthrop lists is, “the fountain o Learning and Religion are so corrupted as…most children are perverted, corrupted, and utterly overthrown by the multitude of evil examples…” (Winthrop, 309). This is where John really tied in religion with their religion to leave. He included...
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