English Proficiency of Selected High School Students in Cavite Philippines

Topics: High school, Second language, English language Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Capsule Proposal

I. Project Title:English Proficiency of Secondary Level Students in Gov. Ferrer Memorial High School II. Proponents:Project Leader:Dr. Yolanda A. Ilagan
Project Researcher:Leslie Anne N. Gatdula
III. Project Duration:One (1) year
IV. Budget Requested:
V. Background/Rationale:
Nowadays, English Language is considered as “universal”. Whatever race we belong, English knowledge is very visible. We know simple English sounds, words, syllables and even gestures. Whether it is verbal or non-verbal, it is really an advantage for us to be knowledgeable and equipped when it comes to the universal language.

We all know that during adolescent stage, people mature rapidly. We absorb things fast and apply it in our everyday living. As how language affects us, we are very lenient to accept any language for us to be acquainted. First language is commonly our “mother-tongue”. Then comes second language which can be any of our choice.

Our secondary level students are the ones who commonly the group who are preparing for a wider world. As they mature, they are able to be developed depending on their choice. They are now ready for their English language acquisition.

On this study, we will be able to know how proficient our chosen high school students are when it comes to English Language.

VI. Objectives:
This research study aims to:
1. know the English proficiency level of the selected high school students of GFMHS; 2. discover the barriers that hinder the excellent development for English language acquisition; and 3. develop better skills and techniques in teaching English Language for better proficiency VII. Methodology

Research Design

Fifty selected High school students of Gov.Ferrer Memorial High School. They will be randomly selected.

Sampling Procedure
Respondents will be randomly selected. They are the...
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