English Power Visual Text: Chopper

Topics: Moustache, Ring finger, Beard Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Chopper Reed's image conveys power in almost every detail:
Eyes are the windows to the soul but in this image they are hidden from the viewer y Mark’s stylish sunglasses. The eyes therefore give nothing away, the glasses do not allow any reading of intent. Mark’s arms are cross-folded in a symbolic gesture of protection and power. His arms are covered in tattoos, which shows the amount of self-harm and pain he is willing to endure, and has gone through. Moustaches and beards always make it easier to hide a facial expression and can dramatically alter the look of someone. Solid facial hair also represents male maturity. Mark’s moustache in combination with his glasses conveys a secretive and mysterious feeling about his expression and what he is thinking. Watches are a symbol of a man’s status. Watches are also associated with punctuality and this in Mark’s case gives a feeling of authority and control. His watch is a simple but functional design, which much reflects Mark’s personality. Watches are not easily broken they just only run out of batteries and need to be charged again. This is also a reflection on Mark who has been transported to hospital, seriously injured, but has left with no apparent permanent damage. Mark wears a signature ring on his right ring finger, which symbolizes an authoritive figure or powerful person. Signature rings are associated with power and influence handed down through patriarchal generational lines. In the layout of the picture the word “Chopper” is placed in large, bold, capital font to emphasize the meaning and impact of this word upon the reader. (“Chopper” is the name of a high profile motorbike, favoured by some bikie associations. It is also the name of an early operation of U.S forces in the Vietnam War.) The way Mark is placed in front of the words Chopper show that he is the most powerful object in this photo. His quote at the bottom of he page also is placed in front of him to give a stronger impact and make the...
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