English Personal Narrative

Topics: Shit, Fuck, The Streets Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Trip to the Barbershop
It’s that time of year again, that’s right time for a new haircut. I’m forced to get my hair cut twice a year by my parents. Truly, it’s not really a cut more like getting your head shaved. It’s just enough to save money and keep me from looking like a sheep dog. Every year me getting a haircut is like a dentist appointment, not something you look forward to. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem I would just go to a ‘Supercuts’, and 10 horrid minutes later I would be on my way. But since my mom stopped near a barbershop, she decided were going to try something new. I’m standing here in front of this small, unknown, barbershop. It was in an old rundown building, about ready to collapse. I slowly walk into the barbershop, open the door ‘Ding’ , the little bell sounded. A man greeted us on the inside and took our order of 1 ‘haircut.’ He was a short man, of italian looking descent, and he looked so old he could have been Julius caesars brother. I took my seat in the waiting chairs. There was a pile of old 1980’s Sports illustrated Magazines on the table, but I didn’t care about that. Come on Hurry up I thought! I looked around, the shop smelled of old man’s cologne and the walls were a pale yellowish color. I imagined they were once white; the thought of the barbershop reminded me of something. BAM! It hit me, literally my mom’s hand found its way to my face faster than the speed of light. “OOOWWW!! Why did you hit me?” I protested. “I’m sorry dear, but there was a spider on your face.” My Mom explained. I gave my mom that ‘Are you serious?’ look and then remembered. It was back in Miami, before I moved to Memphis. I was walking around downtown Miami, hanging out with my friend Jose. It was a typical Miami day, hot and sunny, but there was more clouds than normal. Occasionally the clouds would hide the sun and make the scene gloomier than usual. “Hey Jose! What’s Up?” I asked as I walked by.

“ Not much, I was planning on heading over...
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