English Paper on Teacher Man

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September 22, 2012
Teacher Man
The widely diverse society in which we live is the foundation of the incredibility that the world has expanded into. Though cultural differences can create barriers among humans, they also serve as connective bonds that can never be destroyed. The United States serves as a key example of multicultural acceptance and the idea that we are in fact united. In Frank McCourt’s memoir, Teacher Man, McCourt’s abilities in incorporating diversity into his English curriculum verify that variety in education can help enhance student’ outlook on life. His story is a growing experience of over 30 years in teaching where he helps students find their own voice as well as his own. McCourt’s efforts in teaching not only create a learning environment for students, but also a comfort zone that enables them to think in more than one dimension. Childhood and ones past can ultimately dictate how a person grows and flourishes in the world. McCourt’s past is clear to have been disadvantaged and miserable. The mother who was struggling to raise her boys, the alcoholic and abandoning father, the rulings of the Catholic Church, the teachings of his education and the many insecurities influenced his upbringing. All these anxieties still seem to hold a grasp on him and how he lives and thinks. His background demonstrates the lack of confidence he has in himself. It exemplifies the diminished hope that good can occur for him despite of previous experiences. He candidly states in his prologue, "How I became a teacher at all and remained one is a miracle"(1). McCourt’s response exemplifies his doubt within himself to have made it this far. Coming from a foreign background into the United States is a very difficult task. McCourt’s strong Irish accent and hesitancy in himself as well as his teachings prohibit him from settling into a place within himself that he can consider home. He knows first hand what it feels like to be an outsider trying to get...
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