English Paper for 2nd-Year

Topics: Star, Following, Ancestor Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: December 12, 2012

|Test |English |Class |2ndYear |Unit |1 | |Total Marks |35 |Time Allowed |1 Hour |Date |14-12-2012 |

Q.01 :(a) Tick the right synonyms of the following underlined words. (10x1=10)
(I) The stars are immense balls of fire.
(a) Tiny(b) huge (c) various (d) similar
(ii) The creation of earth was indeed a rare event.
(a) Usual (b) ordinary (c) common (d) unusual
(iii) A star seldom finds another any where.
(a) Often(b) frequently(c) quickly (d) sometimes
(iv)The universe is entirely frightening.
(a) Delightfully(b) pleasantly(c) minutely(d) fully
(v) The space is unimaginable cold vacuum.
(a) Unpleasant (b) unconcerned (c) understandable (d) unthinkable
(vi) We are more critical than our forefathers.
(a) Superstitious (b) credulous (c) illogical (d) logical
(vii) Today we are enjoying better sanitary condition.
(a) Hygienic (b) unhygienic (c) dirty (d) filthy
(viii) Sewage is carried through pipe line to disposable plants.
(a) Waste(b) water(c) fresh water(d) food
(ix) In the past water was used sparingly.
(a) Carefully(b) lavishly(c) luxuriantly (d) in plenty
(x) Sea foods were available along the coast.
(a) Shore(b) middle (c) center (d) whirlpool
Q 02: Answer the following questions. (7x2=14)
(i) How is star seldom finds another star near it?
(ii) What happened when the wandering star came nearer and nearer?
(iii) Why is there no life on the stars?
(iv) How has scientific method helped us in our fight against disease?
(v) We are now generally less fearful than our ancestors. What were our ancestors afraid of?
(vi) How did Churchill do his Latin paper?
(vii) Why was Churchill afraid of examination?
Q 03: Use the following idioms in sentences of your own.(5x2=10)
(i) Above...
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