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Topics: Social class, Kenya, The Culture Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Mohamed Ibrahim
Racial and cultural minority class
Professor Ferguson
Discovery culture Assignment part 1
Well my name is Mohamed I was born in Somalia and I grow up in Kenya I have four brothers and four sisters and I’m the youngest person in my family. My life is very inspiring because of the way I was been raised and where I grow up. I have lived the world’s largest refugee camp for over 18 years because of the instability and civil war that occurred in my motherland. Life is harsh and cruel in the camps because of the environment that I have lived. I have done my primary and secondary education in County High School in Garissa in the year 2007. My Family background is mixed my mother is from Kenya while my Father is from Somalia so I have a connection in both sides. I was been raised in a strict family where everything was tough. Growing up in a refugee camp life was so hard and I feel that life wasn’t far but then I have learned that it made me stronger and stronger and; that’s is why I’m stronger and looking forward to live in a better life in the near future by getting a better education. I believe education is the key to a better future and key to better life.

Cultural Map
Sharing my culture, ethnicity and a tradition with someone is very essential to me. I came from a place where people are very proud of their cultural heritages and, to start who I’m I would say my ethnicity is Somali and my racial identity is black African; my background is completely Somali as far as I know, but I was born in Kenya. I feel more Somali than Kenyan because I do not understand Kenyan culture that much. Also I cannot speak Swahili very well. I understand Somali culture very well, and I feel like I fit in. That is why I am proud of my background. Some people are surprised when I say that I was born in Kenya. It makes that they are surprised because I do not speak Swahili very well. Been a Somali in ethnicity is a lot for me because it...
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