English Oral Test

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English Oral Test - Dialogue *Friend Change School

A : Hey guys! Long time no see. I missed you guys a lot!

B : We're too babe! :D So bored when you not with us at school.

C : Absolutely freaking boring you know? Well, here you the one that always cheer us up. So how your life in hostels?

A : Whoa! Whoa! I miss you guys a lot too :D First week i feel like "Mama, take me back home!" so lonely there. I'm too awkward to speak with others, them too. But now everything was fine there.

B : Hahahaha pity you! :P That's why i said don't you ever moving to other school. Our school are good what, everything was perfect.

C : Agree B! Don't you feel like wanna school here back?

A : Of course i wanna school here back! But what should i do? Everything is my mama decision. I still loves our school and you know what? I cried when remember our memory together.

B : Whoa same goes with me! Hahaha :D I cried when realizes that you no longer with us.

C : What? You too B? You always imitate me :P A, when we walk, we always talk to you pretend that you're here.

A : You're guys make me proud to have a bestfriends like you :D Don't worry every weekend, i'll be home. Just came to my house.

B : Nahhh it's not same okay.

C : So A, who's your friends there?

A : Relax B, long time later you'll be okay without me. My friends there? Em, her nama is D. She's a talkative girl that always make me laugh.

B & C : Hmm okay :'(

A : Don't worry, you're guys cannot be replace!

English Oral Test “VACATION”
   A very good morning to our English teacher Mr Ramli, and fellow friends. Today my group and I would like to act out a dialogue with the title VACATION.  Now before I start allow me to introduce my group that is Kiew, Nabila and myself Hidayah Hidayah: (1st day of school after the summer holidays) Hi kiew … Hi nabila … how was your holiday guys? kiew     : It was great. My family went to Pulau Langkawi which is known as the jewel of Kedah. We...
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