English on Gothic Stories

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  • Published : February 1, 2009
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How do authors of gothic stories create tension in their opening to engage the reader?

Gothic horror is a gender of literature that uses very descriptive words to make the reader imagine the setting or place it is describing. The reason that gothic horror stories were so popular is because there wasn’t much to entertain the Victorians back then. They didn’t have any TV or games consoles so they had to use their imagination. Therefore the setting was very important in a story because they used a lot of describing words like The man with the writhed old hand open a door into a strange new room, they made the reader feel like they was really there. From a selection of gothic stories I have chosen the following: H.G Wells “The Red Room”, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart” and W.W Jacobs “The Monkeys Paw.” The reason that I have chosen them is because they are all outstanding examples of Gothic stories. H.G Wells was very interested in science and throughout the story you can see that he tries to explain what is happening in a scientific way rather than it being a ghost or something else super natural. This English writer was famous for his science fiction novels such as: The Time Machine and War of The Worlds. H.G Wells uses a range of short and long sentences to create tension throughout the story. Mainly the beginning of the story he uses long sentences to build up the tension. Also the story is very descriptive like “the man with the shade poured out a glassful with a shaky arm that splashed half as much again on the deal table.” Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer of poetry and short stories. Poe led a tragic life. Poe wrote “The Tale Tell Heart” Poe uses a range of punctuation which emphasises his madness, he also uses a lot of rhetorical questions to justify he’s not mad when he clearly is, “How then am I mad?”This just make him seem mad by keep asking. Poe uses a range of techniques to create tension such as writing in first person...
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