English Narrative (Will Get Full Marks)

Topics: Dragon, Rebellion Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: April 2, 2011
The Three Heroes

Once upon a time, thousands of years before the dinosaur era began lived a race of mythical beings. Some lived peacefully amongst the humans and some were known to roam the earth causing destruction and reeking havoc in all that crossed their path. This is a tale of three friends, one in particular Garth, who has magic that is spellbinding, strong and even breath taking.

In a small village named Bowerstone, located on the shores of a thriving lush green land, there lived three friends in a small cottage, Hannah, Garth and Reaver. The village of Bowerstone was small and very quiet with a tiny population of only 78 people. One night, during a common feast of the people, a group of rebels arrived and demanded all the gold of the people. They did not know that the people were poor, lived off the land and had no use for gold.

The rebel commander Leon, screamed at the people to comply and when they didn’t he drew his sleek ancient sword made by the sacred templar elves, and destructively slaughtered every person and started fires throughout the village. Luckily for Hannah, Garth and Reaver, they did not attend the feast; instead they practiced their skills in the shadowy meadow. Hannah trained for agility and accuracy with her bows, Garth mastering his power to control the magic of the templar elves and Reaver had the strength of an ogre. They did not know their fate, but together they would change the future.

When they returned to the village, it was burnt to the ground, houses charred, and village folk reduced to ashes, no one survived. Hannah fell to her knees; her eyes welled with tears that soon started to drop from her face. Garth made his way to Hannah with intentions to comfort her but before he reaches her, a bright light appears out of the darkness. A man appears from nowhere his body covered in glowing blue lines. He approaches the three, whispering, “Come with me”. Cautiously they look at each other, and agreeing to go with him...
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