English Music Project

Topics: Opera, Classical music, Musical ensemble Pages: 3 (433 words) Published: March 29, 2011
iFuraha Chessoni
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Social growth has gradually changed the music trends in France from classical to a more contemporary music.


Music in France began with a more classical feel but due to social growth it has developed to a more contemporary, upbeat kind of music.

[Body Paragraph 1] Topic Sentence for First Major Topic: French music began with listening to classical music by upcoming composers.

Specific Examples, Supporting Details:

“Since 1970, French music has been of great importance historically…” (Cooper 5).
(Circle one: Paraphrase – Summary – Direct Quotation)

“French music first attained world wide popularity in the nineteenth century. Composer Hector Berloiz (1803-1869) and ardent exponent of the romantic spirit, pioneered the technique of telling dramatic stories and describing stories and describing scenes from nature through orchestral music” (Harris 180).

(Circle one: Paraphrase – Summary – Direct Quotation)

“Musical art owes practically the whole of its progress during the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth to two fertilizing influences: that of folk music and amazing opera” (Cooper 34).

(Circle one: Paraphrase – Summary – Direct Quotation)

[Body Paragraph 2] Topic Sentence for Second Major Topic: Music becomes more upbeat and urban due to social advancement; composers can now their identity through their music.

Specific Examples, Supporting Details:

“Every composer inevitably reveals himself and his character in his music” (Cooper Intro).

(Circle one: Paraphrase – Summary – Direct Quotation)

“Music has remained in France longer than elsewhere the art of arranging sounds in agreeable and satisfying patterns” (Cooper Intro).

(Circle one: Paraphrase – Summary – Direct Quotation)

“The institute now attracts students from around the world for research and experimentation with electric and...
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