English Monologue- the Crucible

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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Context: After the hanging of John Proctor, Reverend Hale left for Beverly, his home town. He left a broken minister and went in a search to find himself again, wallowing in self-pity and hatred of himself; he stayed in Beverly for the next two years, not even going to Church. He could not bring himself to go, as he counted himself John Proctor’s murderer, along with countless others. After his two years of seclusion Reverend Hale decided that he needed closure, more than that, he needed to ask for John Proctor’s forgiveness. Setting: The setting of this monologue is in Salem’s Graveyard, 2 years after the hanging of John Proctor. Mr Hale has arrived at the time where night turns to dawn. There are specks of light peeking out from the clouds. Mr Hale is kneeling in front of one particular grave, John Proctor’s. John’s Gravestone read’s “John Proctor, Hanged, August 19-1692. Next to his Grave was Rebecca Nurse’s, it was clear Mr Nurse had been here earlier as a bouquet of flowers laid on ground in front of it.


Mr Hale: Mr Proctor, I have come here today to seek your forgiveness. I know you are not the only person I need to apologise to but to you I feel the deepest sorrow and I cannot begin to describe how much remorse I feel for you. Two years have passed since you hung, I have been trying to find myself, to find my purpose. What is a man’s purpose when he spends his life dedicated to stopping Satan, only to find that he has been killing innocent people instead? How can I continue on Mr Proctor when the Devil have robbed me of my purpose? I no longer have faith in myself, my books, not even in humanity. What should I do, John? You always seemed a sensible man.

Even my faith in God has begun to waver. How can he, in all his wisdom not have seen what had happened in Salem? Rebecca Nurse was a Saint, why did she have to die, along with countless others. If this is God’s plan, I want no part of it. When I first come to Salem I thought I was...
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