English- Media Manipulation

Topics: English people, British Isles, Newspaper Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 10, 2013
A recent article in the Sunday mail, dated 24th of February 2013 discussed the topic of a British backpacker being found in Queensland’s remote outback after he had been missing for days. In the article Brittany Vonow, the author of “Only mad dogs and Englishmen” relies heavily on Mr. Parker’s point of view, she nevertheless fails to address the silenced point of view from Mr Woodhead. This article implies that the British back packers story of how he ‘appeared to be lost’ has puzzled a lot of people. Evidence of this can be found through the analysis of important visual and language elements of the article. A variety of language elements have been used throughout this article. The headline ‘only mad dog’s and Englishmen’ is a play on words as it is an old saying which refers to English people going out in the midday sun to appreciate the weather but not realising how strong and powerful the sun can be, resulting in bad things happening to people. This positions the reader to think this is an article about an Englishman who has gone out in the midday sun and something terrible has happened to him. The lead-in and open paragraph position the reader to think that the story of the 18-year-old British male who went missing from the cattle property 114km south west of Longreach isn’t wholly true. Evidence states in the first sentence “That some of the facts just don’t seem to be stacking up, with the rescued backpacker, Sam Woodhead. This report is important to the Sunday Mail as it is featured on page 3. Odd numbers in a newspaper and more prominent to even numbers as they fall on the same side as the front page, and your eyes will automatically focus on the same side of the newspaper. Language from the article positions us to view the young man as naive in comparison to the ‘expert tracker’ through high modality language. High modality is also represented when stated in the article, “Mr. Parker, the third generation owner of neighbouring Strathfinella Station”...
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