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Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Iambic pentameter Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: November 11, 2012
If We Must Die which is written by Claude McKay and To Toussaint L’ouverture which is written by William Wordsworth. The form of If We Must Die is that it is a Shakespeare sonnet it is a fourteen line poem written in Iambic pentameter. The first twelve lines in If We Must Die rhymes and the rhyme scheme of it is ABABCDCDEFEFGG. While To Toussaint L’ouverture is an Italian sonnet it also has fourteen lines but a different rhyme scheme than Shakespeare’s sonnet it is ABBAABBA CDECDE.The tone of If we must die is rebellious because the writer is saying that the persons are tired of what is happening and they want change. And the tone of To Toussaint L’ouverture is depressing the writer is reminiscing of what happened and also giving his opinions on it.The mood of If We Must Die is aggressive it is aggressive because they are fighting for a cause and won’t stop not until they are heard. While in To Toussaint L’ouverture the mood is calm the writer is telling a story of what had happened and how it affected them personally and also society. The literary devices in If We Must Die is simile used in line 1 Claude is comparing something like death to hogs the writer is saying that the people do not want live like animals anymore so they are going to fight for their rights, another literary device is a rhetorical question is used in line 12 with "What though before us lies the open grave?" This reminds the reader that death waits for all of us, so what have they really got to lose. In To Toussaint L’ouverture the literary devices are imagery because we are getting and insight to what happened in the poem and it is also symbolism because it symbolizes what happened and how it affect the persons in this poem. If We Must Die is about The Harlem Renaissance race riot this is where the blacks were against whites and where fighting for racial Inequality. And To Toussaint L’ouverture is about The Haitian Revolution and gives example of how closely To Toussaint...
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