English Letter of Persuasion

Topics: Road, Bus, Street Pages: 2 (252 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Mr. Karl Dilkington
12 Knobatnight Lane

17th January 2013

Suffolk County Council Headquarters
Prospects House

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to you today to request that my road, Knobatnight Lane in Ipswich, be made a priority in the future for gritting. As I’m sure you know the road itself is on the main bus route for our local secondary school, the prestigious Clive Warren’s Finishing School of Excellency, and I’m concerned that a lack of gritting during winter weather could possibly endanger people and their property or leave buses trying to continue down their route stranded.

Furthermore, as you may be aware, Knobatnight Lane has achieved notoriety in recent years due to the spate of killings by rogue escapee emus from the world famous Nutty Acre’s emu sanctuary based on the end of the street on Knowyourrole Boulevard. I’m worried that these wild beasts, having turned their backs on the peaceful and respectful nature of Nutty Acre’s, will render any snow-stragglers stranded by stopped buses bereft of life (so to speak). We need to keep our streets safe and gritting seems to be the only way (After the council rejected my suggestion for a series of emu nets to be installed on every street corner)

Overall I think that the safety of the people living in this area is paramount and with a small amount of effort, time and mainly, grit, together we can save lives.

Yours Sincerely

K. Dilkington
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