English Lesson 13

Topics: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Knights of the Round Table, Green Knight Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Actions/Decisions of Gawain|
 | Noble/Chivalrous Act| Act of Human nature| Brief Explanation| Example: Gawain’s attendance of the New Year’s Eve feast| |  | Attendance of all events was done out of service and respect for the king| Gawain’s acceptance of the Green Knight’s challenge in Arthur’s place| x|  |  Gawain wanted to help the king and volunteer. | Gawain’s journey to find the Green Knight one year later|  x|  |  Gawain was being noble because he was holding his end of deal. | Gawain’s decision to stay at Lord Bertilak’s castle for three days|  |  x|  Because it the only house he found in the middle of the forest. | Gawain’s prayers to God and Mary throughout the poem|  |  x|  He thinks he would be better with the help of god and Mary. | Gawain’s rejection of Lady Bertilak’s advances in Section 3|  x|  |  The lady was with the lord and Gawain is respecting that | Gawain’s acceptance of Lady Bertilak’s kisses|  |  x| When they start flirting, Gawain didn’t think that this is the lord wife.  | Gawain’s acceptance of Lord Bertilack’s deal for three days|  |  x| He was receiving what the lord hunts for the day | Gawain’s choice to keep the green girdle a secret|  |  x|   The lady told him that the Girdle would keep him safe. | Gawain’s flinching at the first  wave of the ax by Bertilak|  |  x|    Gawain was supposed to take the hit by the ax like a strong knight.| Gawain’s decision to wear the girdle over his shoulder as a symbol of his shame and sin|  x|  |  To show that he has messup up | [ Close this window ]
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