English Language Test Questions

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AE-100Midterm Exam, Orientation Component, Fall 2012

This mid-term exam is due by midnight Friday October 19th, via Blackboard. •This exam is worth 100 points.
You may use any and all resources in completing the exam. •Answers must be typed, double-spaced format and attach the completed midterm as a submission to Blackboard. Hand written answers will not be accepted. •Be sure to answer all parts of any question.

1.Keys to Success described eight Multiple Intelligences. On the Teamwork handout you listed the Multiple Intelligences for yourself. Describe your team’s Multiple Intelligences and explain what you see as your team’s strengths and weaknesses when going forward on the class project, how will their strengths and weaknesses be effective for your group? Be specific. Your answer should be about 3 paragraphs in length. (30 points)

2.Now consider how being analytical versus creative in the workplace varies? At what time can you be creative, and what boundaries must you follow to make it work? What needs to be considered? How could being creative also be dangerous? Your answer should be about 3 paragraphs in length. (20 points)

3.Your LASSI assignment identified your TWO lowest score sets. How have you worked on your two lowest score sets thus far? What approach have you taken to help strengthen your weaknesses? Have you seen any change? Have you utilized any resources on campus to help you strengthen your weaknesses? Your answer should be about 3 paragraphs in length. (30 points)

4.What does being professional and maintaining ethics mean to you? You have been told the importance of both components for work and school, but how do you implement them? How do you uphold professionalism, while being ethical in the same sense? You may provide an example of a situation you have had to work with to better explain your answer. Your answer should be about 3 paragraphs in length. (20 points)
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