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Topics: Adolf Hitler, Waste container Pages: 5 (1863 words) Published: March 8, 2013
A few hours away from Frankfurt, in the rocky hillside of Germany lays an eerie old prison on a moat and dam a hundred meters paramount the Keuper Mountain. The worn out prison sits on a rough six acre plateau isolated from its beautiful surroundings. Below it are the steep slopes of the hillside that are terraced with miles of vine yards, which in the summer create a poised yet defined tasting wine that balances fruit, sweetness, acidity and elegance, plus first prize when the local wine festivals are in full swing. Around the hill, the moat and dam is lined with a forest of sycamore and evergreen which trail on for miles into the distance, flaunting the dramatic scenery of the forests orange, red, green and yellow coloured autumn leaves across the landscape. As the vivid leaves dance, and the purple grapes of the vineyard grow, the land boasts its vibrancy. Opposite the moat and dam rests society, a small town with a monstrous shopping mall next to it which never fails to attract tourism unlike the original attraction of the area; nature. On this cool autumn day, as nature was preparing for winter, the leaves were beginning to shed the trees and the animals were arranging their habitats for hibernation, the beautiful landscape was disturbed by dreadful screams of pain coming from an inmate of the prison, who was 10 minutes away from giving birth... The new found mother had conceived a beautiful baby girl and named her Rapunzel after the beautiful forest surrounding her residence for the next twenty years; the prison. Immediately Rapunzel was taken out of her mother’s custody, as a prison was certainly no place to raise a child, and as her heartbroken mother had already proved she could barley look after herself, therefore Rapunzel’s life was left in the hands of social services. That very day, little Rapunzel was driven 120km away from her mother’s prison and was left in a small foster home in one of Frankfurt’s suburbs, Kronberg. The little foster home was known as ‘Turm House’ and only needed one matron to care for the orphans and provide them with an education. Her name was Fraulein Hexe, who unfortunately was known for her ghastly personality and rigorous regulations. If the orphans were to ever violate her rules, she would relocate them to the loathed attic bedroom in isolation from the rest of the orphanage. The attic bedroom was only a small bedroom. Inside, the walls were whitewashed and the floor unpainted, and only on one wall was there a window. The window was large and had a nice view of the rest of Frankfurt. In the near distance you could see the cinema, the park and all the shops as well, after all Turm house only had two floors which unfortunately, was the only positive aspect of being in the attic bedroom. In spite of this Fraulein Hexe would draw the thick black curtains in rage when she left a ‘defiant’ orphan in there, thinking they were too ludicrous to open it. Against the wall opposite to the window was one single bed, which you could tell was ancient; as it was made up with a duvet that had an old fashioned floral pattern on it and smelt of must. Over the bed was a poorly nailed in plank of wood which was supposed to pass off for a shelf, but could have easily been mistaken for a broken off piece of the wall, there were no books on it, not even a scrap of paper, just the home of a dusty old key and some cobwebs. As the years flew by, Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful young lady under the sun, and Fräulein Hexe became extremely jealous of the sixteen year olds youth, good looks and pleasant nature. She was that envious of Rapunzel, that she isolated her from the rest of the orphans and banished her to the despised room in the attic. Rapunzel was deprived from socialising with the other orphans who were allowed leisure activities, recreational time and were even allowed to watch TV; whereas Rapunzel was shut into her attic and was only summoned when it was meal time or time for class. Fräulein...
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