English Language and Its Regional Variations

Topics: Lingua franca, English language, Second language Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 28, 2013
English language and its regional variations

A language isn’t the same in every place where it is used. There are many factors that make it contrast with the standard form. The central subject of this essay is thus the regional variation of the English language more precisely in the Asian Continent that is related to the chapter of Crystal (2002: 276 – 280). The English spoken in India will be stressed due to its specific characteristics and importance. Walsh (2001), more than 10 years ago, already said that “Speakers of minority languages cannot afford to be against learning the dominant language surrounding them (…) as this language is essential for communication with their neighbours”. A language is not limited to just one culture. A very good example of that is the English Language all around the world. The English language has been leading the sphere, even if it is only the 3rd most spoken language. The two in the front “win” because of its large number population, but curiously, those two countries, China and India are two of the major nations that use English as a second language or lingua franca. In East and Southeast Asia, English has a main role, especially in India. In this region as Andy Kirkpatrick (2000) states “English is no longer some colonial language. It is the means [by which] we in Asia communicate with the world and one another.” That necessity of a communication language instigated several questions, as Crystal (2002: 279) refers. Which variety of English should be used? Which one is better or more suitable? Most of the people that are learning English in that part of the globe do it with the purpose to communicate generally with non-native speakers of English, for example, in business with neighbours, instead of only have the purpose to talk with native speakers. That fact invokes a necessity of a new English variety, a regional variety that is adapted to each cultural norm. There’s no urgency on learning things as vocabulary...
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