English Language and Its Influences

Topics: English language, Oxford English Dictionary, Dialect Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 5, 2013
English is the most widely used universal language in the world and so it is no surprise that there will be many external influences from other languages. It continues to change and evolve as the years go on. There are many external influences that effects how language changes. An individual can choose if they want to follow the influences or choose to stick to what is to be believed as Standard English. It’s no secret that TV has had a great influence on the modern culture. TV often sets trends in fashion, music and in language. The increasing number of people who watch television continues to increase with many shows insuring that it caters for all interests. TV buzzwords or catchphrases even make it into the dictionary. For example, “d’oh,” Homer Simpson’s famous cry, is now part of the Oxford English dictionary. Australian TV is bombarded by American TV shows which can affect the phrases we use and how we pronounce certain words. People might believe it sounds ‘cooler’ to speak in an American accent and adopt the accent for certain words. This causes a mix in accents and if it continues to catch on other people will be doing it as well. For example, celebrities who were originally from Australia but then moved to another country such as England and spent enough time there, they will change in the way they speak. Such as Elle Macpherson, she now has a mixture of an English accent and a faint Australian accent. However, while TV shows have contributed some words and expressions to the English language, most people are influences by those around them. Countries like Australia, where multiculturalism plays a big part in society, many ethnolects will be one of the external influences to the way the English language changes. People can also alter the meanings of certain words in the English language over a certain period of time. For example, the word ‘gay’ many years ago was a very good thing to be feeling ‘gay’ because it meant that one was feeling very happy...
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