English Journey's End

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Compare the ways that Owen conveys powerful feelings about war in these two poems Introduction:
* Poems written by him through his own experiences at war. * WW1 poet – solider
* Anthem of doomed youth = beginning
* Send off = end of war
* WO influenced by war to write
Para 2: Setting/context
Anthem for doomed youth | The send off |
Beginning of war 1914| End of war 1918|
In the trenches “wailing shells” “guns” Shows horror of trenches. | Maybe train station “lined the train with faces grimly gay” | Sonnet- Usually used to convey love- he using as anti-love (war)| Coffins- “Their breasts were stuck all white with wreath” | Anthem for doomed- song for death | Send off- title, applying they have gone from war (dead or alive) | Children go – die “youth” | “down the close darkening lanes they sang their way”- claustrophobia dark =dead sang their way- happy they aren’t there anymore | Young men go “eager to go”- cool/ good | |

| |

Para 3: Themes
Anthem for doomed youth
THEME = Doomed
Death, hope, cynical, dying young “drawing down of the blinds” WO shows strong anger in this poem
The send off
Cynical- more than AFDY
NO respect:
* Loss of everything
* Can’t stop themselves
End of war- not being able see relatives
Para 4: Language
Anthem of doomed youth:
“What passing bells for these who die as cattle?” –treated like animals “Rifles, rapid, rattle”- Alliteration
“And each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds” – telling us at night blind can be up and down. – memories when it is up, down= dead
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