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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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A Day I’ll Never Forget

I knew before I arrived at my dad’s house, that this day was not a good day. I had a feeling inside that this was the day that might explain the past months to me. Get rid of the emptiness that I had like a hole in my heart reminding me that everything wasn’t ok. Something wasn’t right, and I could feel it as if it were a clock ticking -reminding me continuously. Always there but after a little while you stop hearing it as you forget about it, but it always returns .You always hear it again, it always comes back. You always remember its there every now and again. You can try to ignore it, and sometimes it works, but sooner or later you remember its there. Tick, tock, tick, tock, remember, remember. Mum told me that dad wanted me to go to his today. Today. I figured that there was some reason why he wanted me to come specifically today. Without arranging it with me beforehand, like usual. I supposed I was overthinking. But at the same time I knew I was overthinking for a reason, I could tell by the feeling in my gut, I could feel it turning over and over. Like the clock, ticking over. I felt both anger and dread. Frustration and confusion. Emptiness and Helplessness. All my emotions were bubbling under the surface. Only one speed bump away from spilling over. But I bottled them up, I acted like I was okay .It was a common practice for me. I carried on pretending throughout the day. It was a blur. My mind was racing. Questions spinning through my mind. What If’s? Whys? Or was I just making this up in my head? I didn’t know. But sat down at the table that day, I did know. Dad rounded us up and told us dinner was ready, so we all took our places at the outside dinner table. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right, but I carried on telling myself, convincing myself, that I was just making it up in my head and there was nothing wrong. ‘Sit down kids mummy and daddy have got something to tell you all’. I froze. The words pierced through my ears and set those manic questions back in motion around my mind. I was already sat at the table, with my baby brother James. My sisters made their way to the table, the fact that they had no clue anything was wrong made it all the worse for me. Innocent smiles decorated their faces. Fun and laughter still thick in the air around the garden. The may sun shone down, but I felt so cold. A fake forced smile was on my lips as I lied to myself and told everyone that I was okay. The atmosphere around me felt tense, the air was electric with emotion. I was on edge, waiting to find out what's going on. Waiting for an explanation. Dad was apprehensive, I could tell, he was bouncing James on his knee impatiently, I knew this family announcement wasn’t to tell us we were going to Disneyland, or that we were moving house, or that something good had happened, dad looked scared. My mind was running wild. The silence was teasing me. I needed to know. I was at breaking point. Minutes passed and they felt like hours. Until the words came. Finally my step mum spoke. She took a slow intake of breath, as if to prepare for what was about to happen. ‘Kids we sat you down to tell you that Mummy and Daddy are splitting up’. The words were as sharp as a razor and they cut deep. I felt my world shatter under my feet .My stomach dropped and my guts churned, I felt tears building, but I painfully swallowed them back. Dad bit his lip and looked at us all in despair, from me to Elizabeth to Chloe trying to see our reaction. I was trying to keep it in, trying to keep my head above water but the sadness and desperation I felt drowned me. It took over. Through my sunglasses he couldn’t see the tears I was fighting spilling over, I was hard to read. My tears were blinding and my vision was blurred. Chloe looked confused, she didn’t understand what that meant. Elizabeth did, the smile vanished from her face and in its place was a frown of confusion and heartbreak....
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