English Halloween Essay

Topics: English-language films Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 31, 2012
A perfect halloween

It was a perfect Halloween night. There was a full harvest moon, the wind was howling, the neighborhood was quiet; even though kids were trick-or-treating. My friends and I were waiting to go outside. Andrew, a blue eyed nerd, was already excited to go outside. Ashley, Alex and I were calm, but anxious. We all agreed to go out when it got darker. We were all dressed up as zombies, the ones that ate guts and such.

“Lets go! Can we please start and get some candy now!!”

Yells Andrew. We all gear up for the night. We say good-byes to our parents and head off into the darkness.

Our first couple of houses were great! We each got handfuls of delicious candy! After about 20 houses, we could barley lift our bags.

“Annie! I’m bored, we have enough candy! Can we please go back to your house, or do something fun for once! Like if we go to a haunted house, or go to the park and scare some kids, anything!”

I look at Andrew, trying to figure out what he just said. Something fun? I ask myself.

“Well, theres this one house on the corner. It’s apparently haunted. But no one knows for sure. There has beed evidence of flickering lights, moans from the house, and even shadows from the windows.”

I say that thinking we won’t go there. Ashley looks at me shaking her head continuously. Right before I can say anything, Andrew explodes.

“OH MY GOSH! We have to go, we just have to! I bet its not even haunted. Let’s just go, take a look, and see how bad it really is. I bet its not even haunted.”

Something tells me its a bad idea. But, I guess its okay, were still trick-or-treating. So we walk along the sidewalk to see if the house really looks scary. Then we come to a sudden stop.

“Well, here it is!”

I exclaim. The house looked black, it had dark blue shudders that creaked every time the wind shook them. Not like any other house, this one was like a mansion. It had a tall black picket fence surrounding it. Brown crispy leaves...
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