English Globalization

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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How times have changed? Around the 17th century, the English began to be known in every corner of the Earth. At late 20th century, had become the most spoken and written language in the world. Today, English in one form or another reaches millions of people on planet Earth. As the world has become a globalized world, there is a need for a language to understand each other, do business, to express, to talk politics and more. In this context, English has become the dominant international language with respect to communications, science, entertainment, radio and diplomacy, in a nutshell is the language of globalization. Many people in the world can easily say that English is the international language of the world, many different cultures, cities, and even nations use the English language to communicate with other people from different locations of the world. Hats why those who know the language should expand it, teach to those who do not know. To the future business man and woman and corporation leaders let us speak English let us TEACH English, let everybody know the international language and expand it so in a future we can truly use the quote "GO ENGLISH, GO GLOBAL!!" So when you are learning and trying to understand this wonderful language do not weep my fellow comrades if not..Rejoice because you are becoming a more complete human being and your opportunities in life will expand. Conclusion

English is one of the world's major languages. It can even be said to be the most important language. Other languages ​​are also important, but not for the same reasons that English is important. English is important because it is the only language that truly unites all worlds. Other languages ​​may be important for local culture and values. The English can be used as a language, anywhere in the world. This is because at least some people in every country ofn the world know the language. While these people may not have the same accent as the others, at least the language...
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