English Form 1 Assessment Paper

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English Form 1
Model Test
This test consists of 40 questions. Each question is followed by three or four possible answers A, B and C or A, B, C and D. For each question, choose ONE answer only and circle your answer. Questions 1 – 10 are based on the information given.


1 The sign tells us to
A turn left at the junction.
B walk to enjoy the Art Gallery.
C turn left to get to the Art Gallery.

7 February
Dear Yan Dong,
I’m sorry but my sister and I will not be able to attend your birthday party tomorrow.
My grandmother passed away this morning. My family and I are going to Melaka for the funeral. I will call you when I get back next week. Regards, James

2 James will not attend the birthday party because
A he is going away for a week.
B his grandmother will not be around.
C he has to attend his grandmother’s funeral.
D he is going to his grandmother’s house in Melaka. 3 From this note, we know that
A James is on his way back from Melaka.
B James and his sister were invited to the birthday party. C Yan Dong will call James when he gets back next week. D James’ sister will go for Yan Dong’s birthday party alone. [1]

4 The graph shows that X-axis is the number of hours that students study, whereas Y-axis shows that the number of students study. What is the total number of students are lazy to study in 2 hours and 5 hours? A 200 students.

B 160 students.
C 150 students.
D 175 students.
5 Simon can buy all the things he needs to
cook dinner from
A the first floor.
B the second floor.
C the third floor.
D the ground floor.Marvel Store
Ground Floor – Grocery
1st Floor – Stationery
2nd Floor – Ladies’ Section
3rd Floor – Children’s Section
4th Floor – Men’s Section

I’m going to drop Alice a line.
What are you doing to do, Jason?

6 Jason is about to
A send Alice an e-mail.
B write a letter to Alice.
C talk to Alice over the phone.
D set up an internet connection line for Alice.[2] Chocolate Milk
-> High Calcium Low Fat Use before 11 March
-> Keep refrigerated! RM4.50 only!
500 ml * Available only at Giant Store!

7 Which of these statements is false?
A It contains a lot of calcium.
B It can’t be use after 11 March whether it keeps refrigerated or leaves aside.
C It can be found at the Food Court corner in Giant Store. D It doesn’t costs RM4.50 per 500 ml.

Karina’s Fashion House
Trendy Socks for Sale
Discounts from 40% - 75%.
Sale starts on 5 August at 10.00 p.m.
66, Jalan PJS345/2, Alor Setar.
Tel : 3924 5933
8 On the 5th of August, socks will be
sold A at the same price.
vB at a much cheaper price.
C at a more expensive price.
D at a discount of more than 75%.

Turn off lights when you leave the room.

9 When you leave the room, you should
A forget about the lights.
B check to see where the lights are.
C make sure the lights are switched off.
D turn off the lights and fans....
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