English for Traveling

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Latino (and the form Latina for females), as used in American English, refers to a United States national of Latin American origin. It is borrowed from Spanish latino, shortened from latinoamericano.

The term "Latino" refers to any person having Latin American background and is often taken to be a synonym with "Hispanic". Latin America Collection is the leading authority on high quality and innovative travel to Central and South America. We understand that every person´s needs is different


English is also very important for international travel. Much of the information countries disseminate about themselves outside of their borders is in English. English is spoken in large hotels and tourist attractions, at airports, and in shops that tourists frequent. There are newspapers printed in English, and TV news is available in English. Tours are almost always available in English. Even in countries where few people speak English on the street, people who work with tourists generally speak English. In some countries even drivers of buses or streetcars and sellers at newsstands speak English well.

Nowadays learning another language besides your native one is very important for almost everything. English is the most important of them because it' been spoken all over the world. If you want to have a good job, you must speak English in order to contact the rest of the world . When you travel abroad, you don' need to speak all the languages of the places you've been to. If you speak English, of course you'll be understood by people, no matter where you go. Learning the language is definitely recommended. Being able to communicate with the local people seriously enhances the experience and adds to the enjoyment of travelling. The more you can talk the more you will learn about the places you visit. For those people with basic communication skills, travelling can be the ideal occasion to improve your speaking ablilities. Don't forget that in Brazil the...
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