English for Specific Purposes

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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Jacquilyn Eta-et|
ESP (5:30-8:30 p.m., Tuesday)|
Prof. Rhea Noreen Acosta|

I. Subject Matter: Creative Writing
II. Objectives:
* Enhance writing skills through group discussions (internet) and blogging. * Develop speaking and acting skills by enacting the poems and reciting the poems with proper gestures, voice modulation, facial expressions, and proper enunciation of words. * Create and publish their short stories.

Materials: Laptop, LCD projector

III. Procedure:
A. Preparation:
* Ask students to write the things they have done for the day a well as the feelings they have felt when they did their tasks. * State the lesson’s objectives.
B. Presentation and activities:
* Introduce the basics in creative writing through a power point presentation (PPT). * Discussion of the lesson. Allow students to share their insights and /or supplements about the topic being discussed. * Activity: the interaction between the students and the teacher will be continued by using the internet for online group discussions. Students should have an e-mail address in order to have an access on the online group (multiply.com) designed by the teacher. With this activity, active involvement will be evident. * Introduction of different poems (Haiku, Sonnets, etc.). The teacher provides examples for each of the poems. * Group activity: In groups of three, students create their own poems by being guided with the poems tackled in class. * Students enact and recite the poems the have created observing the proper gestures, facial expressions, proper enunciating of words and voice modulation. * Students input their poems in their blog sites for everyone to see. Students could comment on other’s works. With this activity, they will be given the chance to give constructive criticisms. * Introduce and...
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