English for Oral Communication

Topics: Communication, Public speaking, Public speaker Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: July 6, 2011
English language is important to us as a worker as well as a student. One has to communicate effectively so that other people can understand our intention or message. Whether in a workplace or classroom situation, it is important to be able to communicate with others effectively as it will help to develop good rapport. Speaking skill can be improve if we know to use the correct form of oral communication for various contexts such as intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, small group as well as public communication. The rationale of this paper is to uphold the use of effective communication in spoken English for selected social context. In this paper, I will explain on how the oral communication works, the types of oral communication and also its differences in usage of each type.

Three main models of oral communications which will be highlighted throughout this paper are Linear Model, Interactive Model and Transactional Model. Linear Model stated communication as a one-way process. Schramm (1955) however, takes a different view of communication, he believes that communication should involve more than one person where they will be a process of listening and receiving between the speaker and listener and their role are inter-changeable.. Another model which is called as Transactional Model views communications as a constant process where each of the elements involved in the process are all inter-related to one to the others. This model is much better than Interactive Model which not stated that the message receiving and sending can occur at the same time as stated in the current model which is Transactional Model.

There are three types of communication will be discussed in this paper; Interpersonal communication, small communication and public communication (public speaking). Interpersonal communication involves several persons; it may takes place in formal function where you have to entertain your clients as well as in informal situation....
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