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English for Business Purposes

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English for Business Purposes

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Module Information Booklet Taylor’s University

Undergraduate Business Programmes

March Semester 2013


English for Business Purposes


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WELCOME Welcome to English for Business Purposes. This course is specifically structured to equip students with the necessary skills for tertiary studies by developing the essential language skills for academic and business purposes. This course develops reading, writing, listening and speaking skills within the business context. It also places importance on critical thinking and academic integrity. You will find this course both challenging and rewarding. To successfully complete this course you are required to participate in class discussions, read the prescribed textbook chapters, complete assignments, attend lectures and tutorials, and attempt the final exam. I hope that you will enjoy this course and participate actively throughout the course of study in order to acquire the language skills required for your tertiary studies. Ms Joyce Cheah Lecturer CONTACT DETAILS Lecturer and Tutor Ms. Joyce Cheah Module Coordinator Academic Suite Block E, Wing A, Level 9, Room 1 (Unit 9A01) Taylor’s Business School Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus Tel.: 56295000 ext.5672 Email:

Tutors Dr Saroja Dhanapal Academic Suite Block E, Wing B, Level 9, Room 16 (Unit 9B16) Taylor’s Business School Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus Tel.: 56295000 ext 5689 Email: Ms. Sarah Abedi Abdullah [contact details to be confirmed later] Academic Suite Taylor’s Business School Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus Tel.: 56295000 Email:

Ms Yaslen Rita Ayu Mat Yassin Academic Suite Block C, Level 5 Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus...

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